Superstar Rajini's evergreen Baasha remastered in digital

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Superstar Rajini's evergreen Baasha eemastred in digital

Super star Rajini's evergreen super action classic movie Baasha is going to get another release and this time on 5.1 digital audio format.

There is no denying that Rajini's Baasha was and is well liked by all types of audienece in general and by Rajini fans in particular.

Despite watching the movie again and again, if a fan happens to see the movie on TV for the nth time, he OR she will be glued to the the TV for its special music and/or dialogues. That is the speciality of Baasha.

Now imagine those dialogues and background score getting remastered in 5.1 digital audio format. Fans and others alike can look forward to visual as well as musical treat once again.

The movie with this new technology is expected to be released in January 2017 by Sathya movies, who originally produced and distributed this block buster movie.

It seems like, as far as Baasha is concerned, the movie producers are on cloud nine all the time despite the fact that movie was released 21 years ago.

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