Cheran's open apology

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Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Cheran's open apology

Cheran has clarified his outvbirst against Karthi and Vishal. He said, 'It was brought to my notice that my speech at the Team sarath meeting left a bad taste among my fans and well-wishers. I was also feeling guilty that I made an emotional outburst at the meeting'.

The actor, said, 'It was not without a reason that I choose to support Sarath Kumar. I have seen at very close quarters his good work. At the same time, I also have a great respect for members in the opposite camp - Nasser, Ponvannan and Karunaas'.

'I was actually upset with young actors like Vishal and Karthi,' Cheran said and added, 'I managed to narrate a story to Vishal, which he agreed to do. But after four or five days, I got a message saying that he chose to do a film by Bala instead. Similarly there were efforts made to narrate a story to Karthi through his manager. But nothing worked.

I was worried why these young stars are behind box-office collection and shy away from real cinema.'

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