A comical thriller

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Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015

A comical thriller

Mirchi Senthil is an elated man, looking up for his new film Romba Nallavan Da Nee, directed by A Venkatesh. Senthil, who is popular with his serials, is sharing the screen with Robo Shankar, who is known for his witty dialogues and acting.

The movie produced by Deepak Kumar of Rendezvous Movie Makers has been censored ‘U’ and it is all set for release.'Director Venkatesh called me to do his next script.

Until the moment I met him, I was thinking the whole day that the story will be a pacy-action packed film. It is a comical-thriller. My character is a soft spoken village boy working in Chennai.

‘Robo’ Shankar is playing as my roommate. He makes the shooting so much live and he also dances like a professional. Debutant Sruthy Bala playing as my pair', says Senthil, the RJ-turned actor.

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